Breast Health

Breast health depends upon the efficiency with which your lymphatic system can remove waste and excess protein from your breast. This allows the space to maintain highly oxygenated breast tissue that is squishy - like your cheek - rather than thick, lumpy, dense, or tender. Lymphatic therapy is particularly important for people with dense, cystic or fibrous breast tissue. Tight clothing (especially the bra strap) can also restrict the complete expansion of the ribcage and reduce lymphatic flow. Slow-moving or stagnant lymph leaves tissue feeling tender, thick, lumpy, hard, or swollen.

Christal specializes in lymphatic therapy for healthy breast tissue. Research demonstrates that specific techniques of manipulating the tissue develop drainage pathways, clear blockages, and supports the efficient movement of lymph. Lymphatic-Focused Regenerative Therapy™ is an invaluable tool for maintaining healthy natural, augmented, and reconstructed breast tissue.