Post-Surgical Healing

Christal Cori is a gifted healer with a unique approach to combining breathing, stretching, and hands on work. She expedites healing through Lymphatic-Focused Regenerative Therapy™ (LFRT). This reduces swelling, bruising, scarring, and pain caused by poor lymphatic drainage. Even the most challenging post-surgical complications can often be greatly improved during the first therapy session.

While it seems like magic, Christal Cori's proprietary techniques are part of a proven strategy created over more than 25 years. Her ability to break down complex body mechanics into simple concepts makes her an excellent teacher as well as a talented practitioner. Once you experience immediate results, it is easier to understand the trickle down effect created by improving the flow of lymph throughout the body.

When it comes to preventative, routine, cosmetic, or emergency surgery, you need Christal Cori's Lymphatic-Focused Regenerative Therapy™. Schedule your consultation and empower your body to start healing today.

“Following my first medical follow up after ACL replacement and Meniscus repair, Christal started working with me. Almost instantly, there was no swelling, no pain. And, soon after, great mobility.”

”Christal’s magic, which she taught me to do for myself, made a potential six month rehab into a three month rehab.”

”We focus on our circulatory system, but Christal teaches us the importance of the complementary lymphatic system.”

”I would never have surgery without her by my side!”